Irene is due to arrive Sunday or Monday. Don’t think I’ll make the beds for her — hopefully she’ll just blow in and out.

Bob Enos, our trusty, trusted (not yet rusted) boat man is, I am certain, fielding plenty of calls. Historically, the number of boats pulled is inversely proportionate to the severity of a storm. So my apologies, Bob, but I hope that you’re busy.

I am, however, enjoying the calm before the storm, weather and rental wise. My favorite summer days, these, with just a flavoring of fall in the air. Leaf crunching air. I’ve always been attracted to those days that foreshadow the season to come — even fall into winter. There is a nostalgia in the feeling that, though I know it will soon be replaced by weariness, is at once comforting and exciting. And the Big Camp is free of its renters — family happily in place.

Brother Scott, wife (his not mine), Daria, and kids, Brad and Andy (ditto on ownership) are a calm and appreciative lot. They let the house embrace them, and are neither eager to leave nor critique that hug. Good folk.

I’m buying Brad a Lego figure (custom) online. I have assured Brad that I do not need assistance in said searching, finding and purchasing of Season 4 Sand Blue Commander Wolffe ... but after two hours this morning of finding everything but the esteemed Mr. Wolffe, I think I will lay my pride gently down and beg for Brad’s tutelage. (“Why,” you may ask, “does Brad’s family get so much mention, while our families, though more fabulous, get little or no press?” That’s a fine question, a little forward perhaps, but still of high quality. The answer is fairly simple: my ball, my game. I know, hardly the attitude that one would wish for in a correspondent, but any port in a storm as they say. And there aren’t many ports from which to choose in these parts.)

My living quarters this summer might be considered small, even by critter standards. I’m sure I’ve seen the bunnies nudging each other as they hop by — “Oh my gosh, our den is bigger than his whole house.” Mind your own business, bunnies! In the defense of rabbits (which, coincidently is the name of my soon to be published-in-my-mind book), I can reach the stapler, the rice cakes and the bath towel, all without leaving the comfort of my bed. I reveal this fact about my life with the express purpose of making “those with more” envious of the simplicity of my life. Ah, the liberty in having little.

Bob and Jean, the two most responsible for Kim’s existence (and thank you for that), have been visiting as part of their annual summer pilgrimage to Chappy. This stay with us is shorter than most, only one month, but it may be enough for them. Though neither Kim nor I are vindictive people, we do seem to burden the longterm visitor with much of our summer baggage. We are not on vacation, so apparently neither can Bob or Jean be thusly either. I liken them to those traveling tradesmen of yore (another book title) that would clip-clop into town, settling in just long enough to shoe all the horses, repair all the muskets or do whatever yore people would do. Kim and I seem to store up the broken pieces and parts (both inanimate and animate), waiting for Bob and Jean’s arrival to fix, mend and patch that in disrepair. For that, and many many other things, I will be forever grateful to them both. Fortunately they have breakfasts at Dock Street, dinners at the Wharf, and intrigue at the Big Brother house to mitigate the weight of their work.

Margaret Knight writes below that this will be her last week as the Director of Affairs and Arbiter of Events at the CCC. I personally will miss Margaret for two reasons: She was excellent at what she did, and she prepared all CCC news in a cut and paste-able ready format for me. I hope that is in the job description for the next Margaret. Like the desert misses the rain, I will miss you, Margaret. But ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from you. See you in the ferry line.

I’ve noticed a gull lately that looks very osprey-y. Twice now I’ve interrupted people to please look at the beautiful osprey that just alighted in the front yard, only to be chastened both times that it was “only” a gull. Doesn’t do one’s credibility as a naturalist a whole lot of good to make such a grievous mistake. Twice. But, you know what? I think gulls are beautiful birds in their own right. Their ubiquity does little to diminish their wonder ... not unlike Lady Gaga rumors. And I promise people that someday soon it will be the osprey that is the common sight. They’ve already condominiumized all North Neck’s remaining phone poles. I love the bird, I do, but please, osprey, your friend is right there, barely 50 feet in front of you, he can hear you ... shhhh. Annoying squeak.

Goodnight, Irene.

In CCC news:

Things are winding down at the Chappy Community Center this week. On Friday, Sept. 26, the film will be Made in Dagenham (UK), shown at 7:15 p.m., free. Next week’s film will be announced. On Saturday, August 27, the Tempest Continuum Ensemble will give a concert at 7 p.m. (not 8).This will be an evening of music composed by Ives, Vaughn Williams, Goldberg, Lucas and others, with Corrine Byrne, soprano; Matthew Montana, baritone; Anne H. Goldberg, composer, oboist and pianist; Raphael Lucas, composer and pianist. By donation. Also, on Saturday, August 27, the CIA will sponsor a forum Traffic, Sidewalks, and Safety from 4 to 5 p.m.

Sailing, tennis and art classes are finished for the season. Also, Pilates and dance exercise classes have ended. Thanks to all our great instructors for another successful season. Yoga and tai chi will continue through next week. And the tennis court continues to be available for play, as well as ping pong and free wifi anytime on the porch.

I (Margaret Knight) will be stepping down as coordinator as of Sept. 1. It’s been a great pleasure working for the past six years with all the wonderful people on Chappy who use and/or support the community center. We are certainly lucky to have such an amazing building here on Chappy!

The community center is looking for a coordinator/administrator, so if you’re interested in the position you should contact Mary Spencer, board president, at 508-627-4011.