It would seem that everything one does, from eating to watching television, from meditating to juggling Chihauhau’s, or from painting your masterpiece to lion taming, could also be done while spinning. At least this is the bold proposition being woven in the spokes by Om of Motion, a new spinning class and location that seems to know no boundaries.

Om of Motion opened up earlier this summer in a cozy nook on 505 State Road in West Tisbury, right next to Eileen Blake’s Pies and just past up-Island Cronigs.

And if you thought the beginning of this notice was mere exaggeration, take a gander at the actual classes offered: Gospel spin, yoga spin, drumming spin, even a Glee and Patriots spin (watch your favorite show while getting some exercise too). There is also Spin to the Artist’s Way which combines spinning and recovering your creativity based on the book by Julie Cameron. Happy hour Friday spin is coming too with a live DJ spinning tunes. Alas, no actual cocktail time spin.

And on Saturday, Oct. 29, Om of Motion is saying hello to the off-season with a Halloween movie marathon spin from 2 to 8 p.m. Imagine the feeling of getting scared and being able to do something about it, like spin away instead of hide beneath your fluffy pillow. The ArtCliff truck comes by on that day too from 4 to 7 p.m. (mmm fish taco spin).

For more details on Om of Motion and schedules, visit or call 508-560-2628.