Sunrise Sunset

Fri., Dec. 16 7:02 4:12

Sat., Dec. 17 7:02 4:12

Sun., Dec. 18 7:03 4:12

Mon., Dec. 19 7:04 4:13

Tues., Dec. 20 7:04 4:13

Wed., Dec. 21 7:05 4:14

Thurs., Dec. 22 7:05 4:14

Fri., Dec. 23 7:06 4:15

Tomorrow night, just before midnight, the moon rises in the east. It appears between the two zodiacal constellations Leo and Virgo. For those who wait until later in the early morning, the moon appears higher in the east and is more clearly accompanied by the bright red planet Mars.

If you haven’t yet seen Mars this season, now is a good time. The moon is the perfect guide. No chance for confusion, there is no other bright red object nearby. Mars is only a few months from opposition and is brightening.

Winter Begins

Winter arrives shortly after midnight next Thursday morning. The precise hour in our time zone is 12:30 a.m.

More people are noticing Venus high in the western sky after sunset. Venus hangs low in the sky amid the glare of twilight. The planet continues to climb higher in the west each night. Jupiter is already high in the east after sunset. There is no mistaking this planet high in the sky as evening begins.