Be careful what goes into the sea. It isn’t always gone.

Authorites in Spain have recovered the remains of a 26-foot fiberglass recreational boat floating in the waters off Spain. The boat, called Queen Bee, has been traced back to the waters of Nantucket and a boating accident that happened three and a half years ago.

The U.S. Coast Guard determined that this is the same boat involved in a search and rescue case near Madaket on Nantucket that occurred August 25, 2008. According to the Coast Guard they responded to “reports of two men who had been ejected from their center console vessel Queen Bee while attempting to cross a bar in six to eight foot sea conditions. Both men were able to swim to Esther Island. Though the two men were rescued, the vessel was left to drift.

The vessel likely drifted into the Gulf Stream and then north to the North Atlantic Current, said Art Allen with Coast Guard’s office of Search and Rescue. From there it would have headed east to Spain before being located 1,241 days later, after a 3,500 nautical trip. The vessel was found 20 miles off the coast of Northern Spain on Jan. 17.