iPhone Photo Workshop

Pathways Projects Institutes, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creative projects in the arts, writings, and collaborative forms, is offering a two-part winter iPhone photography workshop instructed by Kathy Rose.

The first session takes place Saturday, Feb. 25, from 3 to 5:30 p.m. and will include instruction on how to use apps, lenses and adaptors as well as tips and guidance for editing photographs. There will also be a field trip, weather permitting.

The second session is scheduled for Saturday, March 10, and involves having participants display their iPhone photographs, taken over the two weeks between the workshops, on large digital screens. A discussion and exchange of ideas and comments from the instructor follows.

The cost for the two workshops is $100 and will include refreshments.

Pathways is a seasonal residence located at the Chilmark Tavern, 9 State Road, Chilmark.

For additional information on this or other Pathways’ programs email pathwaysprojectsinstitutes@gmail.com or call 508-645-9098.