Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

This is in response to “Chilmark Considers Using Special Permits to Regulate Size of McMansion Homes.” There must be a secret cabal on Martha’s Vineyard called LAON, an ancient Aramaic word meaning, “Let’s annoy our neighbors.” The cabal members with money to burn adhere to the basic tenets of their organization by endlessly building and adding on to massive homes, barns, guest houses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and clear-cutting, all preferably done in environmentally protected areas. Those cabal members without much money adhere to their group’s beliefs by amassing more and more junk in their yards and allowing their homes and properties to fall into an unkempt disrepair.

Seriously, if town committees and boards actually enforced all the planning, permitting and inspection regulations already in place, the “cabal” would be rendered practically useless.

Jackie Mendez-Diez