Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

The following is an open letter to Cape and Islands state Sen. Dan Wolf:

The Web site ae911truth.org is made up of a group of 1,700 nonpartisan, licensed architects and engineers who have challenged the official 911 Commission Report, arguing that the report’s conclusion is not only from an engineering point of view unprecedented and impossible, but that the report itself is fraudulent and misrepresentative of the facts and not inclusive of all the facts and evidence that had been made available to the commission. That’s a pretty serious accusation considering what has happened since 9/11/2001 and nothing, it seems to me, to be laughed at or trivialized. You owe it to yourself and your constituency to at least look into the validity of the points they are making rather than continue to insist we (blindly) move on. Their common sense questions aren‘t going away as more and more people from all walks of life become enlightened and ask why such evidence was not considered in the first place or why, now that it has been brought to the government‘s attention, it is being stonewalled and silenced by mainstream media. Most significantly, these carefully vetted professionals have distanced themselves from “conspiracy theorists” by insisting they make no speculative claim as to who did it and why and how but that simply a proper investigation which considers all the evidence has yet to be conducted, regardless of where it might lead.

After reviewing the Web site I am confident you will see how morally reprehensible and repugnant it would be to “move on,” as has been suggested by so many politicians and not attempt to seek out the truth and significance of this moment in history. Moving on is fine and admirable for those circumstances in life where one is dealt a blow, an act of God beyond one’s own control, as with the loss of a loved one who succumbs to old age or worse, a car accident. But to move on, in an effort to cover up or to race ahead in denial of hard evidence simply out of convenience because it might prove something we do not want to hear, is not the leadership we deserve nor expect. It would be out of weakness and fear, possibly encouraging more injustice. To move on for this reason, out of convenience and denial, to cover up, would be and is as unacceptable as it is unpatriotic and unAmerican.

I look forward to your response which I am hoping will be made as public as this letter to you.

Thank you for your kind and focused attention to this important matter.

Nick van Nes

West Tisbury