A small gas leak at Church’s Pier in Oak Bluffs saw a quick response from the Oak Bluffs fire department on the afternoon of July 4.

Oak Bluffs fire chief Peter Forend received a call from the owner of Nancy’s restaurant at 4:14 p.m. reporting the leak. He said the leak originated from the holding tank at the fuel dock. The line was shut down immediately and foam was dispersed to prevent a fire hazard. A boom was placed in the water to contain the leak.

Chief Forend said it was hard to know how much gas leaked, but he estimated it at about 10 gallons. “A gallon of fuel on the water looks like ten, ten looks like a hundred,” the chief said.

Chief Forend also notified the Department of Environmental Protection and the Coast Guard.

Yellow tape blocked off the entrance to Church’s Pier and a strong smell of gas permeated the air around the harbor, which was a flurry of activity with outdoor seating full at Nancy’s and the Sand Bar as guests celebrated the Fourth of July.

“When else is it going to happen if it’s going to happen?” Chief Forend said. “It’s been a busy day.”