The Gazette has been pretty fearless in exposing dredging errors, environmental threats and the like on the Vineyard, but I wonder if you would consider also covering the lawsuit against Pie in the Sky Bakery in Woods Hole that the Martha’s Vineyard Saving Bank is carrying out?

Pie in the Sky is a welcome part of many long-term visitors’ trips to the Island: a quirky, excellent bakery and coffee shop just above the Woods Hole terminal which is a “must stop” going to and from the Island. Unfortunately, the bank is trying to prevent Pie in the Sky from unloading their supplies in the back parking lot, something that the bakery has done for over 30 years. Even Bank of America, the previous tenant in the bank space, never objected and coexisted in a neighborly fashion with them.

But not Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank.

I know they are a powerful advertiser with your newspaper, but a bit of coverage of their heavy-handed actions would seem to be the right thing for you to do.

Peter Jones