Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Peter Robb, in his July 13 letter, has recently furnished Gazette readers with several fine examples of unabashed Republican thinking, as put forth by their hard-working public relations staff and faithfully hammered into our eyes and ears by “Fair and Balanced” Fox News. All the Democrats need do is give this hogwash the widest possible circulation, and they can win in a walk.

The economy of the United States is like a gigantic and complex automobile, powered by the daily individual decisions of 300 million people, most of whom are economically illiterate and decide more by instinct and emotion than reason. The car is operated according to laws made and administered by a representative government, whose members have the same level of economic sophistication as their constituents.

The car is now sputtering very badly, and the 300 million want it repaired. In November we will make a choice. The mechanic who has been working on it since 2009, the head of the Democratic garage, Mr. Obama, blames several unpredictable developments and previous mismanagement. He asks for a little more time, like about four years. The chosen head of the Republican garage, Mr. Romney, blames everything on inexpert tinkering by Mr. Obama, and promises quick repair and smooth operation from Day One of his taking over. He boasts of expertise that made a balky moped run, although 11 of his fellow mechanics have said they could do better, and he is invited to few tea parties.

Nevertheless, Mr. Robb is sure that Romney and Co. will win and restore the United States to good 17th century economic principles. There will be no more government help for the poor or hindrance for the rich, whose noblesse will take care of the less fortunate. The national debt will vanish and Justice Roberts will be impeached. The Millenium will have arrived! Or maybe not.

W.R. Deeble

West Tisbury