Sunrise Sunset

Fri., July 27 5:30 8:05

Sat., July 28 5:31 8:04

Sun., July 29 5:32 8:02

Mon., July 30 5:33 8:01

Tues., July 31 5:34 8:00

Wed., August 1 5:35 7:59

Thurs., August 2 5:36 7:58

Fri., August 3 5:37 7:57

The gibbous moon will rule the night sky through the weekend and into next week. The full moon is Wednesday, August 1.

Tonight and tomorrow night, the moon resides in the zodiacal constellation Scorpius. The moon is not far from the brilliant red star Antares, the principal star in that constellation. For us, at this latitude, Antares is that pretty red jewel appearing close to the southern horizon in summer.

The moon moves through the zodiacal constellation Sagittarius early in the week and then onto Aquarius. Rising in the east after sunset on Wednesday, the moon is full in Aquarius. This full moon is called the Sailor’s Moon.

Low in the western sky, there are two planets getting closer and closer together. The ringed-planet, Saturn, appears close to the bright red planet, Mars. Together with the bright star, Spica, they form a triangle that is getting smaller and smaller. Spica is the principal star in the zodiacal constellation Virgo.

Jupiter and Venus command the eastern sky before sunrise. The two are a pretty picture rising in the eastern sky before 4 a.m. Both are in the zodiacal constellation Taurus. They are parting company in August. Jupiter appears higher in the east, while Venus appears lower and lower in the Eastern sky.