Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

As an animal lover I found the August 3 article written by Chris Fischer, From Hutch to Table a Short Hop, heartless and offensive to animal lovers. The article takes you in as he reminisces about what they have learned from the bunnies, then goes on to say that they named them Carl and Charlotte. “Charlotte gave birth to healthy babies” and “rabbits make a large nest of their own fur for their offspring,” and how they would “slowly go off and warm themselves in the heat of the sun.” So far so good. Then next sentence: “Carl and Charlotte are no longer with us, we spit roasted them two weeks ago.” Next sentence gets worse as he talks about the two males slated for their dinner plates. They plan to feed them to “those who loved them, watched them being born and worked next to them in the field.” Unbelievable to continue reading that they plan to serve them on top of sunflower seeds, their favorite snack.

I fail to see how anyone who loves and cares for animals could enjoy Chris Fischer’s article. Rabbits are living breathing creatures and if left alone will enjoy the only life they were born to. To talk about them in such a heartless manner is disgusting.

Jen Probst