Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

I read with interest your article on “super-sized” houses. Notoriously absent was any reference to Edgartown other than the Ernie Boch monstrosity also known as the Christmas tree house, which is old news. I suggest you visit the corner of Morse and North Summer streets where a major eyesore is being erected on the old Colter property. Not only has the owner demolished a charming bungalow-style cottage and cut down an ancient tree on Morse street, he has elected to build a structure which is about three times the size of every other house in the neighborhood. The site is also being used as a boat storage facility for a large black and unsightly inflatable vessel.

If this was intended as a year-round family home, I could perhaps understand a desire to have a large residence to accommodate all family members. However, as seems to be the case with all these houses (I refuse to call them homes) the owners are absent 10 to 11 months a year, so are oblivious to and frankly could give a damn about, their neighbors or the impact these expressions of arrogance have on a neighborhood. In the case of the Morse street construction, the owner lives some 6,000 miles away and is here at most eight weeks a year as far as I know. Meanwhile, the neighborhood suffers year-round.

That these projects are motivated by arrogance and ego is further demonstrated by the disregard for the peace and quiet of our neighborhood and by the refusal of the owner to even acknowledge a letter I wrote on behalf of myself and five other families in the neighborhood, entreating him to cease construction during the remaining days of the summer (this letter is only being written on behalf of myself). I never got a response.

The town needs seriously to consider a large-house bylaw, and the notion of getting the MVC involved is salutary. In addition, a construction moratorium for the months of July and August, which I am certain the profit-takers in town would vehemently oppose, would be welcome relief for those of us who value the peace and quiet of our community.

Town fathers, please act before Edgartown becomes Miami Beach.

Christopher B. Kende

New York, N.Y.