Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Responding to the story in last Friday’s Gazette about Vineyard veterans and the ongoing battle for health care:

I have been sadly following this since it happened almost four years ago. I am ashamed that our country treats illegal aliens, alcoholics, drug addicts and the poor a million times better than our veterans. These are the people who have given their all, and most at great expense to their families and themselves. This is how our country thanks them? Where is the public outrage?

People are screaming about treating sharks badly, complaining about the one per cent here building mega mansions, MV Occupy groups are complaining about God knows what, and there are back-and-forth debates on the roundabout. And only a few people — mainly the affected veterans — are fighting for their well-earned benefits!

Where are all the protesters when serious matters are staring us in the face, and for almost four straight years?

Heads should roll on this one. Is this a taste of Obamacare? Where has he been for the past three summers when he comes here, and where are his very vocal Island supporters?

Maybe the biggest slap in the face to our veterans is when, as the Gazette reported: “Mr. Antonaccio said he would be happy to provide updates for all concerned people, and urged them to call him directly instead of calling elected officials or other groups, which further drags out the process.”

He is a fool!

Dusty Santona

Chappaquiddick and Lantana, Fla.