Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

If you were not there you missed one of the classiest acts ever — Cynthia Riggs doing stand-up storytelling sponsored by The Moth at Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs.

The Moth promotes storytelling “live and without notes” all over the country, many of which are heard on NPR.

Cynthia took the stage confidently and told us an unfolding tale of love that took us back to her early life as a marine geologist, through layers of discovery laid out like pearls (or should I say “nodules”) at just the right moment, to an ending uncertain but full of promise.

The other story-tellers were wonderful, of course, if a bit on the professional side (when does a story told a zillion times become a performance?). But Cynthia stole the show with this, her first time on stage “live and without notes.” She received a rousing standing ovation.

Thanks, Cynthia — that was old-style Martha’s Vineyard for sure.

Sam Low

Oak Bluffs