Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Now Mitt Romney has picked as his running mate the guy who has been gunning for Medicare! With Romney’s support, Ryan would end Medicare as we know it. This plan was part of a national budget that Ryan authored that is so radical that the New York Times called it “the most extreme budget plan passed by a House of Congress in modern times.”

I went on Medicare when I retired after years of being on different medical plans. I can say without any doubt that Medicare is the best ever. I can see almost any doctor I want to see. I can get prescription medications at a lower cost. I can be secure that if anything happens to me that I will be able to get proper treatment from specialists in the hospitals where they practice.

I am voting for President Obama for many reasons but especially because I can count on him not to disrupt my Medicare.

Esther A.H. Hopkins

Oak Bluffs