Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Last Thursday morning a doctor called my office from a 645 telephone exchange and left an urgent message on my answering machine. He sought to arrange a flight to transport a little girl to Cleveland for medical treatment. Shortly afterward, I made repeated calls to the phone number but the line was continuously busy. I imagine the doctor was desperately reaching out elsewhere for a solution using the only phone line available. An hour or so later, while airborne, I called again and reached his answering machine.

I have to wonder, what is the little girl’s condition? Would the outcome and process of finding help have been easier, calmer and more timely had cell phone service been available? When will legitimate public safety concerns override those defending aesthetic mores and embracing the perceived trendiness of self-imposed abstinence from modern-day devices? How long will it be before the next crisis occurs? Them creekers seem an odd sort.

Ted Stanley

West Tisbury

The writer is a pilot who owns Direct Flight Inc.