The leaves are really starting to get their fall colors. I see more people in jackets, and some people have their fingers on the thermostat — but most of them have vowed not to turn it on until Nov. 1. We will see how long that lasts. Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Taylor Blair, who celebrated his day on Oct. 7; to Oliver Lively, Marcos Rodrigues and David Sweitzer, who all celebrated on Oct. 8; to Erin Hill on Oct. 9; and to Hevelyn Dias and Thomas Sykes, who celebrated their day on Oct. 11.

Well, Nene is back in Germany and our house is empty and quiet. But I have one last story of her visit. We were having dinner on Wednesday night and she announced that she wanted to catch a live fish. She has been here almost three months and she mentions it now. I looked at Ralph and he shrugged his shoulders, just as bewildered as I was. So we figured Saturday morning was the best time, since she had school and we were working. We both had Saturday off to attend an afternoon wedding, so we thought, why not?

The wind was onshore and Ralph was trying to figure out where we could go. We decided to get some bait and head to Norton Point. When we got there one car was coming off the beach and one was set up for a beach day — there was no one else to be seen the rest of the way down. So we picked a spot and set up. Halfway down Ralph let Nene drive the truck to see what it was like, and she loved it.

Ralph got us rigged up, cast the first line for Nene and turned to me and said, “We’ll see.” We were casting the other pole out when Nene started reeling in, saying something was tugging her line. Wouldn’t you know, she pulled in a small bluefish. If you could see the smile on her face . . . we knew the day was well worth the trip. She then proceeded to catch six more small blues, picked up some shells and wampum to give her friends and jumped in the driver’s seat to drive part of the way out. Her visit ended on a great note and I think her list was complete on things to do. Have you got a stray goose in your yard? Jan Norton let me know that her Tallouse goose, Ethel, was missing. Ethel is a large gray goose with a yellow beak and yellow feet. It seems her friend Lucy wandered down to Edgartown Hardware from Jan’s house, which is in Sweetened Water Farm. So we think that Ethel may have followed her, but may not have been able to find her way home. If you have seen her, or know who may have seen her, you can call me at the number at the top of this column.

Get out your go-go boots and your tie-dyed bandana and get down to the Charter School’s Rock Auction on Saturday, Oct. 13 at Flatbread (yes, Flatbread opened just for this special occasion!) from 6 to 1l p.m. The $25 admission gets you plenty of Flatbread pizza and a salad bar! There will be over 100 groovy silent and live auction items including a trip to New York city, raised garden beds built-to-order, a week in St. John and a tree house built in your yard. Plus you can expect a wild and fabulous 1960s Dance Party!

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.