Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

The following letter was sent to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission:

I was not able to attend your wind regulation meeting last night.

I would like to raise concerns solely on wind turbines near residential communities.

I am a certified wind dealer and have attended several wind turbine schools. In my opinion towers and wind turbines should not be situated near residential communities.

There are just too many complaints from residents near these wind turbines to justify the limited amount of power they produce.

I understand you have a limit of 150 feet for jurisdiction, but a 149-foot tower and turbine is as much a problem as a 150-foot unit.

Rather than just height, you need protection by decibels of sound (including ultrasound), strobe effects, and possibly view restrictions from abutters. Proposals for turbines in residential areas should require a certified decibel study. The state currently has a decibel table, under our air pollution regulations, to be measured at the property lines as a guideline to follow.

In a small community such as the Vineyard, monster towers and noise need to be regulated. Even the current farm exception should be regulated, as most farms are situated near residential neighborhoods.

For those wishing to assist in reducing carbon and protect the environment, solar and geothermal are quiet and will not block views or disturb neighborhoods.

Wind has its place, but not near neighborhoods.

Paul Adler, West Tisbury