Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

The current televised debates have given anyone concerned much to consider. In the debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, this was certainly true, as it was in the debate between Paul Ryan and vice president Joe Biden and those between Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney.

In the debate with Mr. Brown, Ms. Warren appeared to evade and dissemble and when she was reminded of the Travelers Insurance case, she seemed to be in danger of swallowing her bifurcated tongue, with one commentator calling her response “strangely weak.” She claims to be proud of being from Massachusetts, when in reality she has no roots or background here, but it is clear that she could not have run for the senate in her home state of Oklahoma, since there she would have been swept off her feet in a virtual tornado of derision for so often being at complete variance with the truth. Obviously her brand of academic elitism which emanates from the rarified atmosphere of Harvard’s faculty lounges does not play well in many places.

I find it disquieting when she suggests that the United States should be more like China. Certainly a politburo operates more efficiently than a congress or senate in a representative republic, and who needs an annoying, antiquated and pesky constitution and Bill of Rights in the first place? For a law professor, it is peculiar that she displays an odd, secular Puritanism which asserts arbitrary, unbridled statist power, with the rule of law being a mere afterthought.

While most people don’t care about Professor Warren’s genotype, I am sure that they do care about lack of credibility and the taint of moral turpitude. Despite what some would like to dismiss as “the Indian thing,” I would love to read or hear their reactions if it were Scott Brown who had perpetrated an atrocity which may be accurately described as cultural and racial identity theft. This issue begs the question of how much respect Elizabeth Warren has for either minorities or affirmative action laws, and I fear that the sum total of her regard for the two would add up to exactly zero.

In her campaign, Professor Warren has dragged down from the attack the fatigued, arthritic, geriatric hobgoblin of the loss of reproductive rights for women. I think that this is puzzling and wonder how effective this ploy will be since Scott Brown is openly pro-choice.

Professor Warren is, in spite of her ethnic and populist masquerading, only a hardened, cynical opportunist duly annointed by the Massachusetts political machine, and she is the last person needed in the senate, either from this state or from anywhere else.

Barack Obama seems to share the view of authoritarian statist power, and has issued a stunning number of executive orders in a manner more closely resembling the decrees of a third world strongman rather than the actions of an American president. Certainly his basic message hasn’t changed in the last four years, since it’s the same old redistributionist song with the same old chorus and the same old accompanying band playing the familiar, tarnished, wheezy and out-of-tune instruments.

Mr. Obama has presided over the accelerated decline of this country to the point that the Chinese now sneer at us and declare themselves to be the new superpower, and with good reason since in 2011 their economy grew at nearly nine per cent, while our own is stuck at a moribund 1.3 per cent. Recently, the president’s media allies have been busily and feverishly trying to spin straw into gold by touting new eleventh-hour employment statistics, but these are highly suspect since they came immediately after Mr. Obama’s noticeably lackluster performance in the first debate.

Ms. Warren and Mr. Obama are detached academicians who are neither liberal nor democratic, but instead are coercive, inflexible, authoritarian statists, and there is nothing that their party wishes to do that will not take either our money or freedom or both. To them people are not individuals imbued with reason, abilities, intelligence and judgment that merit respect, but rather distempered sheep to be pushed, poked, prodded and herded, and desperately need government to shepherd them. On the other hand, I remain convinced that Americans do not need brown-shirted, jack-booted, goose-stepping, bloated big government stomping around on its hobnailed soles and incessantly bellowing into their ears at the top of its lungs how they should live their lives. I find the mindset of persons such as Ms. Warren and Mr. Obama to be infinitely repulsive, since it is the very essence and the life breadth of spirit-crushing totalitarianism.

Michael F. Fontes, West Tisbury