The call went out, there’s been a sighting,

A world class bird, her name, Soo Whiting.

From near and far, like a grand migration,

Friends flocked together in celebration.

To honor a friend who’s tried and true,

And shares with all a world-wide view.

She’s winged about for seventy years,

And earned respect from all her peers.

From Gazette’s “Bird News” and “All Outdoors”,

To partners with Flip in Osprey Tours.

Birding the Vineyard ? Where to turn to?

Soo and Barbara’s “Vineyard Birds II”.

Stumped on a bird ? Call Soo to chat,

Rat-a-tat-tat ! Rat-a-tat-tat !

And speaking of husband, Captain Flip,

A “Class A” guy . . . a real Blue Chip.

In planes and boats, they forever roam,

And this year toured in a mobile home.

Botanist, ecologist, conservationist,

Ornithologist, columnist, philanthropist,

Author, tour leader, sociologist, And our “Let’s get together” catalyst.

For all your gifts, to you we thank,

Yank-yank. Yank-Yank ! Yank-yank. Yank-Yank !

Happy Birthday Soo, on Seventy,

Chick – a- dee – dee, Chick – a –dee.