Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

As co-chairmen of the Red Stocking Fund of Martha’s Vineyard, we are distressed to learn of the recent sale of WMVY. Greg Orcutt and the entire staff at WMVY have been stalwart supporters of Red Stocking’s efforts to provide food and clothing to Vineyard children and their families. For over a decade, the radio station has been a willing and able sponsor of both the annual chowder contest and of the chili fest. These are two of our three major fundraisers each year and account for almost half of our over $75,000 budget. WMVY has assured us that this year’s fundraisers will happen as planned. However, there is no guarantee beyond this year. This fact will present Red Stocking with a real challenge in the future to continue providing the level of service that our children need. This is one example of WMVY’s being truly an integral part of Island life. Unfortunately, a hole has now been torn in the fabric of the Vineyard community.
Kerry Alley and Lorraine Clark, Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven