With the cold, dark days of winter on the way, Edgartown just lost one source of solace: Espresso Love, one of the few year-round places in town to get a latte and a muffin, closed for the winter Monday.

Owner T.J. McManus said that the restaurant, which serves food, and seasonally wine and beer along with the titular espresso, will close until the spring for needed repairs and renovations. The floors need to be replaced and the roof needs to be fixed, he said, and improvements are slated for the counters and the kitchen.

“It was slightly unexpected,” he said of the closure. “It’s a good thing in the end.” The coffee shop, tucked behind the Edgartown courthouse, is a popular destination for breakfast, lunch and coffee to-go. Over the weekend, a sign went up announcing that it would close for the winter. Mr. McManus said the renovations are overdue. “We opened 12 years ago in that space, and the concept of how coffee works and our concept as a business has changed,” he said. “Unfortunately, that’s work that can’t be done in two weeks.”

The plan for now is to reopen April 1, he said, but “if we can reopen sooner, then we will.”

Mr. McManus said he’s sympathetic to the year-round crowd, having been a year-rounder himself.

“I feel for the people that live there year-round, and I want to be open year-round,” he said, noting that the off-season isn’t that profitable, but Espresso Love stays open for the staff and for Islanders.

There is a silver lining, Mr. McManus said: the shop will be new and improved when it reopens, and the winter closure is a one-time thing.

For those who really need an Espresso Love fix, their Boston outpost will be open throughout the winter.