Regional high school English department chairman Dan Sharkovitz has been featured in the fall 2012 edition of The New England Association of Teachers of English professional journal, The Leaflet. Mr. Sharkovitz’s article, On Anarchy and the Teaching of English, explores the importance of helping teachers use methods of curriculum and lesson development that transcend canned curriculum templates and standardizations. The article defends the value and efficacy of allowing teachers the freedom to develop lessons in responsible and innovative ways.

Following the article’s publication, Professor Dixie Goswami, director of the Program in Writing for Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English, invited Mr. Sharkovitz to write a follow-up treatment to his original essay. Professor Goswami, who described Mr. Sharkovitz’s article as a “powerful, thoughtful and important” contribution to the ongoing conversation about curriculum creation, plans to publish the article in a future issue of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network’s professional journal.