Excerpts from town columns of the Vineyard Gazette of January 1890:

Gay Head: The fisherman who have been fishing the past season at Noman’s Land have now all returned with good fares. Mr. Wm Vanderhoop was high hook with 1,800 pounds. The season lasts about a month.

Steam tug Geo. W. Hunt is expected this week from New Bedford with coal, provisions and other supplies. On her return trip she will take a cargo of codfish to the mainland.

About three o’clock Thursday afternoon on the lifting of the fog which had hung over the vicinity during the day, a bark was seen about halfway between Gay Head and Noman’s Land, with colors set evidently for assistance. At this time the sea was very rough and the wind increasing. At sunset she was at anchor about three miles off shore. During the heavy gale of Thursday night the vessel evidently put to sea, as nothing was seen of her the next morning.

A Christmas tree at the hotel, the Aquinnah House, was the principal feature of Christmas night. The presents were many, some of them handsome and costly, and there was present a large gathering of Gay Head and Chilmark people.

West Tisbury: There was an unsuccessful fox hunt last week.

The public school at Charles’ Neck closed last Friday. The winter term of Dukes County Academy commenced Monday with Miss Amy Rhodes of Maine as a teacher.

Masters Willie Mayhew and Albert Rotch recently shot two squirrels. They were cooked and were very nice eating.

There will be entertainment in the Agricultural Hall this Thursday evening. The principal feature of the evening will be hundreds of copies of a newspaper entitled “The Sea Gull,” which has been edited by the Church Improvement Association. It will be made up of literary contributions from writers from all parts of the county. It is the first newspaper of its kind ever published on the Island and its single issue will no doubt meet a ready sale.

North Tisbury: There was a meeting at the hall, Monday evening to consider the propriety of a division of the town of Tisbury.

The winter term of school at Locust Grove commenced on Monday.

Cottage City: Mr. Christopher Look is about to have a dwelling erected on the Highlands on the lots lately purchased by him.

Rather a laughable coincidence took place on the arrival of Monday’s boat. A Portuguese family, with several small children, wended their way up the wharf, when it was discovered that they had left one of the little brood upon the boat, and hastened back to find that the boat had started. The obliging captain put back, the plank was again put out, and the forgotten child was restored to its mother’s arms.

Vineyard Haven: The Harness factory has “shut down” this week to take account of stock. Many of the employees are enjoying the vacation by going gunning.

Dr. Banks has treated quite a number of patients at the Marine Hospital who have been suffering with the popular La Grippe.

The five masted schooner Gov. Ames passed through the Sound on Tuesday, having been boarded at Vineyard Haven by Capt. Wm. Harding, pilot.

Chilmark: There was a New Year’s tree in the M.E. Church on New Year’s eve. Two large pine trees were covered with presents both useful and ornamental. Among the most noticeable was a gold and silver cake for Rev. C.T. Hatch. It was a cream cake and the top was covered with money in gold and silver, amounting to thirty-three dollars.

Edgartown: The framework is up for the new residence building for E.W. Chadwich, Esq., on North Water street, next to the Capt. John H. Pease house. It will be a two story and a half structure, with cupola, bay-windows, piazzas, etc., and will be a decided ornament to the East End.

Sch. Ira Bliss, Hudson, arrived Friday, and has gone into winter quarters at Osborn’s wharf, alongside of bark Mattapoisett. Sch. Flyaway is laid up for the winter at Steamboat wharf and Sch. Anna M. Dickenson, Hart, is very snug in her winter quarters at Morse’s wharf. This week her mainmast has been stripped, new cross and trestletrees will be put on, and the rigging will be overhauled. Sloop yacht Columbia, Huxford, has hauled up for the winter near the ferry slip, along side of yacht Metric.

Compiled by Alison Mead