Coming this spring, a place to get bubble tea along with a manicure, a latte to pair with your haircut.

And perhaps most important, words that will be music to the ears of Islanders: another year-round coffee shop.

Jay and Mindy Kirwin, who operate Pure Touch salon at the Harborside Inn on South Water street in Edgartown, are branching out into the coffee business. The two will open the Tocco Puro (pure touch in Italian) coffee shop this spring, with an opening date between April 15 and May 1.

The coffee shop will be next to the salon and will sell gourmet fair trade, organic coffee, Mr. Kirwin said Thursday as he gave a customer a pale pink manicure.

The shop also will sell sandwiches and pastries.

The couple has owned Pure Touch salon for five years, and Mrs. Kirwin will be the boss of the new establishment. The couple has been sampling coffees and trying out vendors, and Mr. Kirwin said customers can mark on a sheet of paper what they want to order from a selection that will include five options each for medium roast, dark roast and blonde roast, as well as espresso, cappuccino, tea, smoothies and hot chocolate. The shop also will offer bubble tea, an iced tea with tapioca pearls.

A fancy new espresso machine can make up to 250 espressos an hour, he said, and he demonstrated a siphon system for made-to-order coffee.

Mr. Kirwin said he was motivated to open the coffee shop partly because he wanted to offer a year-round place for residents and employees. The store will be open in the winter so people won’t lose their jobs, he said. “That’s very important.”

The coffee shop proposal was approved by the zoning board of appeals last week, and Mr. Kirwin said several supporters came to the meeting. He assured the board that he had not given out free haircuts for their support.