Kate Feiffer is headed off-Broadway. Ms. Feiffer’s book My Mom Is Trying to Ruin My Life was adapted for stage and first appeared at the Vineyard Playhouse. Last weekend the play had its New York city premiere at the Workshop Theatre at 312 West 36th street. The play continues through Sunday March 10.

My Mom Is Trying To Ruin My Life is the story of Emma, a young girl with a mother who to the untrained eye seems quite perfect. Mom helps neighbors and friends and is able to fix any number of boo-boos. But she also embarrasses Emma by kissing her in public, at school no less, and makes her do her homework and clean her room. For a pretween this is an illegal crossing of the line, so Emma devises a plan to run away and send her parents to jail.

The book was adapted for stage by Ms. Feiffer and MJ Bruder Munafo. Lyrics were written by Sarah Durkee with music by Paul Jacobs. Debbi Katz directs the New York show starring Kayla King as Mom and Lauren Weintraub as Emma.

For tickets and more information visit workshoptheater.org/mainstage/2013/my_mom_is_trying_to_ruin_my_life.