See the cellar’s

Copper bottom

Turn the house

Into a ship

Drift away

Into the sunset

Pried out of

The dangling cliff

As the hungry ocean rumbles

Chews away

The fading shore

See the vessel

Rise and haughty

Sail away for evermore

There for land

Of rock

And skerrie

Higher cliffs

Windswept scene

On some hale

And hearty highland

Heads the house

In rockbound dream

Waves and water

Wind and weather

Ocean breakers

Sandy shores

Tranquil harbors

Sunny beaches

Will be home for


That’s the story

Of the Vineyard

Transient place

Of shifting sand

Like a ship

Out on the ocean

Tossed and steered

By nature’s hand

Build your house

Upon a mountain

Set a home

Upon a rock

There it sits

A solid footing

Safe for years

Without a thought

For the place built

On the sand cliff

Keep in mind if

Things go wrong

The house may up

And leave you staring

As it sails

For land beyond

— In sympathy,

with humor

Steve Ewing