Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Regarding All Clear (a Gazette Chronicle), what a fascinating piece of Island (and social) history!

I have been a full-time washashore for a year now, and an active member of the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club since August. I was thrilled to read a Chronicle that illuminated the work of the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club 60 years ago, the dedication of the organization to preserving the Island’s unique character, and of one of its leader’s poetic but effective communications skills in leading the charge.

The Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club was the first conservation group on Island, and has long championed the preservation of what makes the land we share Martha’s Vineyard.

For a contemporary look at the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club, I invite you to visit the new website and associated Facebook page. As a result of the All Clear Chronicle, we are working on a history of the club and its role in Vineyard life for the website.

Please see marthasvineyardgardenclub.org.

Linda Chapman, West Tisbury