Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

On the evening of March 28 we received a phone call from a doctor at the Aspen, Colorado Medical Center. He listed numerous injuries our son, Eli, had received after being struck by a snowboarder while skiing, which sent him flying into a boulder. His injuries were severe enough to airlift him to a trauma center in Grand Junction, Colo. Needless to say we were on our way very early the next morning. From the minute we got the phone call, we were very humbled by all the support we received from family and friends. We would like to thank our daughter, Elyce, for keeping everything under control at home, even though she desperately wanted to accompany us to Colorado. We returned home after 12 days, with Eli, who has a long recovery ahead, but is doing well. We would like to thank the Vineyard Transit Authority and transit authority employees, Martha’s Vineyard girls’ ice hockey, Becky and Mike Hegerty for their generosity, and everyone for their phone calls, texts, emails, facebook messages, flowers, cards, balloons, meals, goodies and prayers.

So many times we heard, “Please let us know what we can do.” That was amazing! Thanks again to all of you for being there for us.

Cindy and Andre Bonnell, Edgartown