I’m old and don’t like change. I’ve balked, moaned and resented the roundabout going in right up the road. But I’m a sentimental fool. I’m nostalgic for the blinker light, the old blinker light, with red on two sides. The one I used to speed through on the way back from parties.

Why be nostalgic for long gone places?

Like the Thrift Shop on Main street and Vineyard Dry Goods.

G and B on Circuit and the street running in front of Walmsly’s.

The Laundromat on the corner and an easy left to Jim’s.

The bowling alleys.

The bunker at Aquinnah,

The TV repair store,

Darling’s and Hilliard’s,

Hellios and the Flying Horses with a push by the man with the limp,

The Edgartown Pharmacy,

The Daggett House,

And, of course, the Sea View.

Well, now that the roundabout’s almost finished, I will champion further progress. Let’s have a traffic light at Five Corners, maybe two. Another one at both ends of Vineyard Haven-Edgartown Road, three policeman at the Steamship Authority when the boats come in and two for the parking at Aquinnah.

I propose we request the SSA to build another larger vessel to transport more tourists to visit the Island.

Enough is never enough.