The Minnesingers have returned from their 10-day trip to Croatia with a new show for Vineyard audiences. On Saturday, May 4, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, May 5 at 3 p.m. they will perform their spring show Roots, which celebrates the African-American contribution of composers and performers, at the performing arts center at the regional high school.

In Croatia the 32-member high school choral group literally sang for their supper. Karen Overtoom, mother of Minnesinger member and senior Olivia de Geofroy, was trip planner for this year’s tour abroad. Ms. Overtoom said the trip took two years to coordinate, and was funded by generous support of the Island community and the parents of the performers.

The singing troupe performed five scheduled concerts while in Croatia, two in Split and three in Dubrovnik, but there were more opportunities.

“There was a restaurant that had a ‘welcome’ sign outside for the singers and they were so welcoming, the group sang for them too,” Ms. Overtoom said.”

Another impromptu performance took place one evening after dinner. Some of the students were singing earlier in the day as they took a walk around one of the picturesque towns, Ms. Overtoom explained. They came upon a woman hanging her laundry out to dry who said, “You sing so beautifully.” They told her they would come back that evening and sing for her again. True to their word, the Minnesingers found the woman’s apartment and serenaded her and her husband as they stood listening on their balcony

“It was so touching,” Ms. Overtoom said.

This weekend’s performances will feature a mixture of choral music and contemporary music with a bit of Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson thrown in. Tickets are $10, and $7 for students.