Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Refusing to accept the verdict of the 2012 election, the Republicans have launched a campaign to nullify it, using their control of the House and cloture-proof filibusters in the Senate to block any Obama moves. Their most powerful ally is a “news” network, whose bias may be seen in these ways:

Its staff is largely ex-Bush office-holders and employees plus talk-show radio hosts; the congressmen they interview are 99 per cent Republican; and they are automatically opposed to anything from Obama.

Their main emphasis today is on last fall’s attack on a consulate in Libya in which four Americans were killed. The exact circumstances are uncertain except to the partisans, who are positive that it was all Obama’s fault. for which he should be made to pay, along with Secretary Clinton. Pay? How?

If their network can drum up enough popular indignation, the Republicans’ next move will be the impeachment their House could deliver, plus a mid-term that could give them a senator that would remove this “other” from the Oval Office.

Will it all work out? Stay tuned.

W.R. Deeble, West Tisbury