Historians and careful readers of the Vineyard Gazette will recognize this headline for two reasons: it’s the title of a book by the esteemed former Gazette editor Henry Beetle Hough and it’s also the traditional end-of-summer signoff when this newspaper ceases its twice-weekly publishing schedule for another year.

Tuesday will be different for another reason now, as the Gazette announces today it will discontinue publication of its seasonal Tuesday edition after eighty-four years.

For a newspaper that honors tradition, the decision did not come easily. For most readers’ lifetimes, the addition of a Tuesday paper was as much a sign of summer as the lengthening days and the bloom of beach roses.

To the unasked question: no, it was not a financial decision. Up to and including last summer, the Tuesday paper remained profitable. The cost was in the toll it took on staff — writers, editors, account executives and graphic artists — to produce.

Once we put sentiment aside, the rationale for ending the Tuesday paper was very similar to the reasons Mr. Hough had for starting it in 1929: in short, times change.

As Tom Dunlop points out in a detailed history of Tuesday Gazettes in today’s paper, the introduction of a Linotype machine and a new, faster press sped up the process of producing a newspaper, making it possible to publish twice in a single week.

Today, the notion of printing more editions to get information out more quickly sounds quaint, if not laughable. Now we tweet or use Facebook or update our website in seconds when we have breaking news to share with our readers. Redesigned last fall, mvgazette.com, has become a go-to destination for daily news and information about the Vineyard.

We will continue to honor tradition with the Friday Gazette, printed on-Island as it always has been, bearing the same distinctive flag in the same oversized broadsheet format. Here, you’ll find echoes of history and hopes for the future amid coverage of events and trends.

We know what we’ll do with our Tuesdays. We’ll work to make Fridays better, with more in-depth stories, more commentary, more voices from the community.

And if you get lonely some Tuesday, you can always find us online.