Play dates at the beach, fresh rhubarb pies, trips to Hogwarts and warm hugs — this Mother's Day, the second and third grade students in Katy Maciel and Mariah MacGregor’s class at the Chilmark School share poems composed for their moms. 


My mom is the best because she believes in me.

She likes to play with me in my bamboo forest.

She goes to the beach with me.

She gets me nice clothes.

She wears nice clothes and that is why she is beautiful!

My mom is the best because she loves me! xoxo



Moms are sweet and kind but usually not funny.

My mom is kinda funny.

And that’s good.

My mom plays catch with me when my dad is working but she barely ever catches the ball.

And that’s good.

My mom sometimes makes good food and sometimes makes bad food.

And that’s good.



My mom is awesome.

She makes the best strawberry rhubarb pie in the world!

My mom takes me to Vermont to see my cousins.

My mom every morning says “rise and shine.”

She makes me happy when I am sad.

My mom helps me with my allergy.

My mom makes the best red and yellow pepper pizza in the world.

My mom is awesome.



My mom is great because she plays Lego Harry Potter Wii with me.

She loves walruses.

She hates snakes and bats.

She loves swimming in Florida and the YMCA.

She feeds my puppy Triton.

She takes Triton outside.

She reads to me Harry Potter in bed.



My mom takes me to the beach.

My mom never picks me up at the bus stop because she is taking orders from the Ocean View.

My favorite is their french fries!

She buys me stuff, she bought me a gold and silver crucifix at midnight.

She’s loud at my baseball games.

I feel embarrassed but I say “that’s my mom” in my head!



My mommy is great because she plays games with me.

My mom once got a sunburn on our deck.

My mom picks on my dad a lot and she is funny.

My mom loves to do exercises at the YMCA.

My mom works at the airport Mobil station on Barnes Road.

They’re the only one to have a car wash.

My mom is scared of snakes and alligators.

My mom likes to cook for me, she cleans up and she does laundry, folds laundry and puts it away for me.



Thank you for letting us go to Universal Studios.

It was the best day of my life because we went to Hogwarts and you were laughing.

When you make dinosaur nuggets it makes me smile.

When I look at you through the window at the YMCA you smile.



You let me and Sam play Lego Star Wars X-Box.

When we’re alone we walk the beach finding sea-glass and sea-china.

You take us to the YMCA to swim together and go down the slide.

Our favorite pizza place is Flatbreads and you always get gluten free!

You’re the best mom!



My mom is beautiful.

She makes breakfast.

She likes to garden.

She wants to live in Florida.

She likes to watch me play baseball.

She goes to Florida for vacation.

She’s a dump truck driver and she’s a Bobcat operator.



My mom is cozy.

Others are noisy.

She makes really good pies.

She loves to bake new food.

She is very funny.

She makes me laugh.

When I get up on Saturdays, I always get in bed with her.

She is so warm, she is a heater.

Whenever I get scared she snuggles with me.

Me and her snuggle with my black cat.



My mom is funny when she is playing with us. She laughs weird!

It makes me laugh.

She calls.

She asks how school was.

She tells us “I love you and goodnight.”