Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

The recent letter from W.R. Deeble prompts me to respond to the allegations that Republicans, Fox News, talk show hosts and we poor, misguided fools that did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama “have launched a campaign to nullify” the 2012 election results.

Nobody disputes that the president won the election by taking 51 per cent of the votes, confirming what we already know: that this is a nation divided. And he has done precious little to bring liberals and conservatives together. Nor has he been transparent. Or reduced the deficit, preferring historic spending that has prolonged the Great Recession and kept unemployment high. And Obamacare will not save money, as he promised. So it should come as no surprise that half of America opposes Team Obama’s liberal agenda.

Mr. Deeble seems mystified as to why “partisans” are so angry about the crisis in Benghazi. The terrorist attack on our embassy last Sept. 11, less than two months before the election, was dismissed and pushed under the rug so as not to distract voters. The administration blamed the attack, and many others that day in the Middle East, on a You Tube video. Nobody believed that then and they don’t now. Each day we learn more about the truth and how Team Obama lied and covered up the facts. Benghazi is a window into this presidency and polls show Americans don’t like what they see.

Last week’s hearings on Benghazi were enlightening. Not surprisingly, the administration is making the whistleblowers pay dearly for their testimony. Greg Hicks, former deputy of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya, a Democrat, was recently demoted. The message simple: you do not cross this president.

Don’t forget that the DNC is working overtime to squash the facts about Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in the Beghazi disaster. So far, her testimony has been less than convincing. More investigations will follow and we hope to learn what really happened and her role in the crisis.

Supporters of Obama continue to put their heads in the sand about disturbing issues like the budget, the disastrous fast and furious gun running program, Solyndra and numerous other failed efforts at crony capitalism. They are blinded by ideology and driven to attack fellow citizens who don’t share their beliefs. Hope and change indeed!

Now we learn about an apology from the White House and the IRS about an extensive program to intimidate and scrutinize conservative political groups during the months leading up to the 2012 election in November. We know this president and his election team were out to destroy the Tea Party and their candidates.

Mr. Obama is the most unqualified president since Jimmy Carter. He is the most divisive since Richard M. Nixon. Indeed, like many others, I hope he is impeached before he does any more damage to the country.

I hope this explains why we are so disappointed in Barack Hussein Obama and why Benghazi matters.

Peter B. Robb, Holliston and Oak Bluffs