Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Tea Party member Peter Robb (letter, May 17) complains that “Barack Hussein Obama has done precious little to bring liberals and conservatives together.” Without suggesting any useful measures, Mr. Robb instead goes on to assert that the administration has done a whole list of bad things, and lied about them.

The worst to him was the 9/11 attack on our embassy (oops, consulate) in Benghazi, which has provided Fox News with endless but confused commentary material ever since. Mr. Robb may want to update his comments on this, because Fox has reported that the FBI now has IDs and photos of the attack leaders, although Fox reporters have yet to interview them.

Tea Partiers have set a noble example of turning from the narrow concerns of their daily lives to study the affairs of the nation. However, their conclusions would be more persuasive to Obama supporters if more courteously expressed. Mr. Robb should remember that there are more potential impeachment votes in the congregation than in the choir, and pitch his sermons accordingly.

W.R. Deeble, West Tisbury