Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Oak Bluffs have you no pride?

This is a town that depends on tourism and yet our beaches are a mess. Even on a good year they are covered with unsightly seaweed. This year, due to the numerous storms we suffered over the winter, the beaches are in worse shape than ever. There are so many rocks and shells on the sand that it is difficult to walk or sit comfortably anywhere. The edge of the shoreline is littered with small broken shells and stones making it painful to enter the water and the large amount of washed up seaweed is more unappealing than ever.

Oak Bluffs relies on cottage rentals to support its shops and restaurants. Tourists have lots of options both up and down-Island so it is imperative that we make Oak Bluffs attractive to them. One of the primary reasons they come to Martha’s Vineyard is to enjoy it’s beaches. Many come with children and want safe, clean, kid-friendly swimming areas. Unfortunately, tourists visiting Oak Bluffs and its beaches for the first time this summer are unlikely to return.

Surely the town can find funds to replenish the sand, repair the beaches and hire students to rake every morning to clean up the sand for all beach goers. There is no reason that Oak Bluffs beaches should not be on par with the other beaches on the Island.

We need to pay attention to the things that support our economy.

Chris Schwartz, Oak Bluffs