Chadwick Stokes, lead singer and guitarist for alternative rock bands State Radio and Dispatch, will perform at Flatbread on Friday, July 12. The concert is a benefit for his organization Calling All Crows, which provides assistance in coordinating service projects for musicians and their fans. Outside of organizing hands-on service projects, such as doing maintenance work in public schools along the tour route, Calling All Crows also spearheads fund-raising efforts for local nonprofit organizations and seeks to raise awareness among fans of key social issues.

Formerly a counselor at Camp Jabberwocky, Mr. Stokes has made social activism a key factor of his persona as a musician. He said that he writes many of his songs about social issues, and after spending a year working in Zimbabwe he dedicated himself to enacting change in the country. Aside from Calling All Crows, Mr. Stokes has also established the Elias Fund and the Dispatch Foundation, both of which are focused on supporting community development and education in Zimbabwe.

“Calling All Crows tailors service projects to a band’s specific interests,” Mr. Stokes said in an interview with the Gazette. “Dispatch’s whole thing is about amplifying education.”

To support education in the United States, Mr. Stokes said Calling All Crows collects books and school supplies for local schools and also partners with United Way of America and City Year.

Mr. Stokes said he likes to make sure that any group he is a part of gets involved with Calling All Crows. Aside from Dispatch and State Radio, other bands that partner with Calling All Crows include RX Bandits, Among Criminals and the John Butler Trio.

“We like to do a lot more than just show up to the venue,” he said.

The show at Flatbread begins at 9 p.m. Visit