Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Now that beach weather is here, it is time to address dogs on the beaches and the people who insist on bringing them to the beach. It is our observation that most people don’t keep their dogs on a leash and/or under control. Most do not bring fresh water for their animals, or provide shade for them to get out of the hot sun. Too many people throw balls or sticks into the water for the dogs to retrieve. In doing so, the dog takes in salt water, vomits or develops diarrhea which does not get picked up and the sand becomes grossly contaminated, the only record being “Oh, I’m so sorry” from the irresponsible dog owner.

Late last summer, a dog came up behind me and lifted his leg on my beach chair, a short while later, another dog came to claim his spot on the chair. Time to leave a beautiful day on the beach!

Another person decided to bring his goat to the beach dragging the goat down a step beach path on a half rope, leaving a trail of goat food in the path just to ensure this goat gets to the beach! To top it off, a visiting friend decides to bring his goat to the beach. The goat wanders, lays down behind a random beach chair to get out of the sun and owner says, “Oh, I am so sorry.” Two idiots!

I have one question for these people. Would you wear a fur coat to the beach, hang around to drink salt water, get sick and think this is a fun day? This is cruelty to animals not to mention other beachgoers.

Del and Margaret Walker

Canandaigua, N.Y.