Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

About 30 years ago one law school student could choose to take a break from his academic responsibilities and spend a few days on the Vineyard, where young Barry would be welcomed by his friends. If he came by Cape Air, no one on its flight path would be alarmed. And no one would record or care how he spent his time before the return flight.

Fast forward: The amazing U.S. political process has transformed young Barry into POTUS, often called the most powerful man in the world. He arrives or departs the Vineyard on big black helicopters, the beat of whose rotors terrifies loyal Republicans. He is unobtrusively guarded at all times by a service who value his life above their own. National news networks observe his every move, recording and possibly commenting.

But Vineyarders know all this from previous experience; in winter we get snow, in summer we get Presidents; many more celebrated resorts would like to say the same. So let us go about our usual summer chores as usual. Cut the visitor some slack. Let him play a round or so of golf, or turn an up-Island parlor into a temporary Oval Office — his choice; but the grass still needs mowing.

W.R. Deeble, West Tisbury