Danny (Kootch) Kortchmar returns to the Vineyard this Tuesday, August 6, to Dreamland in Oak Bluffs.

The return of Kootch brings him back to his roots. You could say he began his music career here on the Vineyard, jamming at parties and on the beach. James Taylor played alongside Kootch when they were in the band Flying Machine.

Kootch went on to become a singer, songwriter and producer, working with Jackson Browne, Carly Simon, Don Henley — the list of major musicians is very long. He dabbled in movies, playing Ronnie Pudding, the bass player for Spinal Tap. Last year he returned to his roots playing on the Troubador tour with James Taylor and Carole King.

Doors open on Tuesday at 9 p.m. but don’t be fashionably late. The evening promises several special guests. With a long legacy both on the Island and off, the odds are good that any friend of Danny Kortchmar will be a friend of yours.

For tickets and more information, visit dreamlandmv.com.