Nutrient-dense but encumbered by a bad rap for the cholesterol in their yolks, eggs amount to near perfection for ecology-minded farmers. Every part of an egg is useful right down to crushing the shells for a fine abrasive suitable for scrubbing pots and pans when mixed in a little dish soap. You could mix the crushed shells with a little egg white and make yourself a nice facial mask.

All this egg-centric language leads to the Vineyard’s local egg celebration — the Coop de Ville Tour this weekend. The festivities begin with brunch on Sunday, August 4, at 10:30 a.m. at the Grey Barn where information about raising chickens will be available. After the omelet bar brunch, participants can travel to any or all five of the participating farms to visit a variety of coops and hear more about chickens and their eggs. The other farms participating include Native Earth Teaching Farm, Giordano’s Little Chicken Coop, Grandmommy’s Farm, On Spring Moon Farm and Round About Farm.

The event is sponsored by Slow Food Martha’s Vineyard and is part of its ongoing efforts to educate the public about food and farming policies that support “good, clean and fair food for everyone.”

Max King, current treasurer of the group, says the event will help highlight the local economy and agriculture as an industry on the Island. “This is a way to stress the importance of knowing where your food comes from,” Ms. King said.

Ms. King said there are many chicken authorities on the Island who can explain the different breeds, how they produce a variety of colored eggs and how each type of egg has its own flavor. Some of the farms on the tour are large-scale while others are family ventures that started with a few chickens.

Ms. King is a firm believer in sustainability and prefers local eggs to those produced in industrial settings. “You’re putting your money in the pocket of corporations. The chickens are fed GMO grain. What you’re eating just isn’t good for you,” she explained. Besides, she said, there are a lot of children out there who are under the impression that eggs come from the grocery store. The Coop de Ville tour may clear up that misconception.

Visit the website, for everything you need to know about attending the event and to purchase tickets.