As is my custom, I will continue repeating myself. I know I’ve said this many times but here goes . . . an aspirin, moistened and taped to a bee sting will immediately stop the pain. I guess it is the anti-inflammatory property of the medicine. Aspirin is, and always has been, my pain-relieving medication of choice. I trust it, it’s been around forever. Originally a plant extract from the bark of a willow tree, the powder made from said bark dates back to Hippocrates. Oh! I digress! The last few weeks on the job sites have been devoted to the cutting back of nepeta. It is absolutely loaded with bumble bees. They move out of the way and rarely sting excpet when inadvertently grabbed. Needless to say we grabbed quite a few, hence the need for aspirin. I hope the bee doesn’t die after stinging. They are pretty adorable.

Most of my injuries are garden-related. I’m just not careful. I trip over hoses, get poked in the eye, have stings, bites and rashes, and cut myself. I inflicted an impressive flap cut to my thumb on a shard of broken pottery this week. Note to self: buy more hydrogen peroxide and bandages for the truck. I say all this as an apology to my editor for the worse than usual handwriting.

Holy wild morning glory weed! I am not exaggerating to say it is knee high in some areas of my garden. When I start to pull it, some vines are over 50 feet in length. I wad it into huge bushel basket-sized balls before it all lets go. Do not be fooled by it. It makes a pretty little pink or white flower so is ignored or even admired at first. You will live to rue the day. It has surpassed mugwort as my most hated weed. It strangles everything in its path.

I must say, the hibiscus are downright spectacular. Some of the blooms are as big as my head. They thrive in wet situations.

Every year at this time I regret my inaction at the beginning of June, I always mean to cut back phlox, boltonia and garden mums - I even encourage others to do it. I never get around to it personally so the aforementioned perennials are flopping all over the place at about chest level. Oh well, live and rarely learn.

Dead-leafing of daylilies is an absolute must. They look terrible and unkempt right now. The spent flower stalks pull right up so get to it, folks. Hopefully, I’ll take my own advice.

I’m busy seeding in the vegetable garden in hopes for fall harvesting. I did some green beans. They only take 50 days so I should get a couple of pickings before cool weather sets in and the days become much shorter.

Kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, radishes and fennel can all be planted now. There is still plenty of time.

I have yet to pick a good amount of tomatoes. My Sun Golds have been reliable for a month, but the big slicing heirloom types are taking their time ripening. Good thing Rusty up at Ghost Island Farm has plenty for sale right now!

Congress has left for a five-week vacation. Will anyone miss them? They sure have it good! Three-day work weeks, full medical benefits, great salary, power and fame and for what? Wish I could get so much for doing so little. When they come back, the Ted Cruz types will be harping about defending Obamacare and he seems quite willing to shut down the U.S. government. I find it fascinating how much Cruz resembles Joe McCarthy in both looks and actions. Scary!