Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

A short while ago Dreamland was rented out for a benefit concert featuring Lori McKenna. Our venue was bought out by the host of the concert, and unlike many of our other shows, we transferred all authority over the room to the benefit coordinators. They did an amazing job marketing and promoting the show, put together some outstanding talent and raised money for such an amazing cause.

As some of you who attended are aware, there were acoustic challenges that evening due to some excessively loud conversing at the back of the room near the bars. As is often the case at many live shows, a select group of individuals were engaged in entertaining conversation and at times, many times, their glee penetrated the room and disturbed many attendees who were sitting and listening to the talent. It was not malicious, but quite gregarious.

Even though we were not in charge of the room, I personally had asked my room manager to politely quiet the patrons and to request permission to do so from the host. Unfortunately our request was denied, as many of the individuals having a jolly time were VIPs and it appeared our host did not want to offend them. This clearly back fired, as dozens if not hundreds of guests were affected by the chatter, and it appears many assumed that it was Dreamland allowing this to occur — yet it was not.

I would like to personally apologize to those affected and to thank those that have contacted me via email and Facebook so that I can explain our side of it. We have modified our contracts such that we will now maintain complete control over the room in such situations and when we deem it is necessary, we will reserve the right to quiet patrons at will.

This is yet another valuable lesson and we have paid attention to your concerns.

We have heard. We have listened. We have acted. We have changed. It won’t happen again, and I am sorry that we let so many of you down.

Thank your for the amazing support of Dreamland this season!

JB Blau, Oak Bluffs