Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Three Saturdays ago, I stopped by the dumptique. I brought my large canvas bag full of donations, as I usually do. My goods passed inspection, were taken, and my bag given back. I went through the racks and found great clothes for my family.

As I went toward the kitchen area, I put my light blue, with green trim, classic oversized tote bag down on the floor, out of the way.

Getting ready to leave, I looked around for my bag, a present from my sister last Christmas.


Gone? It was taken? At the dumptique? That friendly place of meeting and sharing?

Yes. One lady had seen another lady take it. She meekly refused to identify her. But she told me the thief had just left, after asking, “Does anyone here own this bag?”

I thought it strange that no one was interested in the theft. Rather, they were distinctly not interested.

I don’t like changes. Besides the warm sea and abundant jellyfish, the daily auto accidents, the light house falling, and crazier-than-ever drivers, this seemed like another crack in the Island’s safety and beauty. A sign, a symbol. Theft in the summer, and at a simply pleasant place to be on a Saturday morning. The thief can return my bag the same way she took it. Just sneak it back to the dumptique.

Genevieve H. Abbot, Oak Bluffs