On the west end of Edgartown a 350- acre plot of land called Pohogonot Farm is nestled deep in the scrub oak forest on the south shore of Martha’s Vineyard. In 1893 my great-great-grandfather George D. Flynn first visited Pohogonot Farm. He fell in love with this piece of property while recovering from a railroad accident, and ended up purchasing 1,500 acres of land between 1906 and 1917. Four houses built by the Samuel Smith family existed on Pohogonot when first bought. Two of these four houses remain today, and are known as the Farmhouse and the Big House. Over the years, five more houses have been built on Pohogonot Farm, in addition to a barn. Each year family and friends rent out these seven houses to enjoy the eternal beauty of the land and sea. Over the years we have been able to retain 350 acres of this land on which we cherish all the moments we get to spend together as family.

This October the Flynn family will be hosting a reunion on Pohogonot Farm. Families from all over the world will be making the trek to Martha’s Vineyard to spend time with relatives. The reunion will not only be a time to celebrate keeping this special piece of land within the family for such a long period of time, but a chance for cousins to get together and catch up. Some Flynn relatives have not seen each other in many years, a few not since the last reunion more than 20 years ago.

For three days over Columbus Day weekend, about 75 family members will gather for friendly, competitive activities, such as tennis, golf, and skeet shooting, along with family dinners and brunches. This time together as a family is priceless, for family is one of the most important aspects of life. The only time that I can be 100 per cent myself is when I am spending time with my family. My immediate family, along with my cousins, aunts, and uncles are the only people who know the true me. They are the ones who can read me inside and out. In fact, my best friend is one of my cousins. She is the only person who knows all my secrets. We sometimes even joke that between the two of us we have telepathy, for sometimes it seems we can read each other’s minds. This reunion is a chance for everyone to come together and be 100 per cent themselves, show their true colors, and experience the sheer joy of family togetherness.

Having been able to keep this large a piece of land in one family for 120 years is a big deal, for it has not always been easy. I will always be grateful to those who have dedicated so much time to keeping Pohogonot Farm within the family. It is and always will be my absolute favorite place the in the world. This reunion will allow everyone to forget about the stresses of the outside world for one weekend, and just focus on family and the incredibly beautiful land that continues to bring us back year after year.

Carter Duame lives in Hamilton and is 17 years old. She is currently a junior at Holderness in New Hampshire. She is a fifth generation family member on Pohogonot Farm.