Summer season

Martha’s Vineyard

Riding the ferry in

Perfect sunset

Happy for a new vacation to begin


But I know some things always stay the same

Livingston, Ben and Sally Taylor will all have concerts

Every day


They’ll be coming around again


You pay the grocer

Make mimosas

Go up-Island for the day

You see a poster

On a telephone pole

Ben and Sally Taylor are playing

In Vineyard Haven today


Didn’t they just play there yesterday?

“No, they were in Chilmark, silly.”

You hear someone say

You turn around and it’s Ben Taylor.

“You coming tonight?” he says,

“And have you been to Midnight Farm yet on your stay?”

“Yes, my wife was just in there yesterday. How many Taylors are there anyway?”

“We’re multiplying every day,” he smiles as he walks away.


They’ll be coming around again.


You stop for coffee

And notice something on a bulletin board

A poster for a Livingston Taylor concert today

He’s playing the Tabernacle with Ben Taylor and friends

That line for Back Door Donuts is going to be insane

All those baby boomers in their SUVs

You should probably just stay away

“I can get donuts in the morning anyway.”


They’ll be coming around again.