Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Martha’s Vineyard Transport has to reply to the edited interview for a Vineyard Gazette article published two weeks ago. The essence of the interview about business on Martha’s Vineyard when the president spends his summer vacation was totally distorted by an edit. The President’s visit during our busiest weeks of the summer may not have helped businesses of Martha’s Vineyard for this year, but with all the national exposure in the press and on TV, Martha’s Vineyard businesses are helped for years to come. That the most powerful man in the world chooses to vacation on our Island is a great tribute to all that live and love the Vineyard. I am convinced the president’s past visits helped this Island get through the present recession, and my tour business has boomed during the recession. We don’t know what the future economy will bring, but I am sure glad we had all that exposure during President Obama’s recent visit, and it will help the Island’s economy in the future.

The economy on Martha’s Vineyard depends on summer tourism, and anyone who denies this is out of touch with reality. The few problems caused by the Obama visit is more than made up by bringing business to our Island in the future. If you are not affected directly by the Vineyard’s resort economy, please have some consideration for those of us who live here and earn our livings in six or seven months, and need exposure to bring summer tourists] to our Island. I am happy with the level of tourism, and would like fewer tourists some days, but I am a realist and do not know what the economy will do next. I thank the president for giving Martha’s Vineyard the honor of having him vacation on our wonderful Island. And I am thankful for the job carrying the press in the motorcade for our third year.

Ron Minkin, Edgartown