Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Ben and Sally Taylor and fellow musician Noah Stuber wowed a sold-out audience in their benefit performance Tuesday, August 27, at the West Tisbury Library Foundation’s Tuesday at Twilight concert at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury.

We’d like to express our warmest thanks to Ben, Sally and Noah for their generous, crowd-pleasing performances and to acknowledge our gratitude to the many others who made the evening such a success: Gina Stanley and her Art Cliff Diner crew Mercedes, Heather, Marvin, and Jack, Barbara Dacey at WMVY radio, Bob Brown Sound, Tom Seeman at Vineyard Bottled Water, Katy Biggers and the Preservation Trust, and the many library foundation members, friends and family who continue to show up and help us raise money for the library expansion project. Among them, it would be impossible not to recognize Lynne Whiting in particular for conceiving, organizing and overseeing the event.

The evening was marred only by the fact that tickets sold out at the door in a matter of minutes, leaving a long line of disappointed would-be purchasers. We sincerely regret having to turn away so many people and apologize for any inconvenience they experienced. Our hope was that the opportunity to listen for free from the picnic tables and lawn outside would be some compensation. Indeed, a spirited crowd of almost 100 did enjoy the concert under the open sky. We are committed to improving ticket sales in the future and appreciate the public who do understand that this was put on by a group of volunteers, learning as we go!

For all who were in fact fortunate enough to have an inside seat for the performance, or to enjoy the free concert from the grounds below, we appreciate your patronage and are glad to note that the audience seemed to enjoy the concert immensely.

Thanks to all.

Hunter Moorman, West Tisbury

The writer is chairman of the West Tisbury Library Foundation.